Monday, May 16, 2011

Bulky Baby Button Maryjanes Crochet Pattern, Manic Writing.

Sometimes I get a design in my head, and this drive to create it comes out of nowhere, and can't be ignored.

When this happens I end up working on a project for sometimes DAYS in a row, nothing else, and I get frustrated with anything that gets in my way.
Well, okay.. an unexpected note from a friend.. that's okay.
But everything else?
Uh uh.  Stay out of my way!  I'm creating!

So, after 20 hours in a row of manic crochet, I created a bootie. :)

I woke up from a dream about crochet.  In that dream, I'd made a fabulous baby bootie out of bulky yarn.  There are just no great patterns for bulky yarn! 

And so I was up, and working, and nothing else for 20 hours straight.

By the end of it, I was a wreck.  I needed a shower, and probably a shot of tequila.
But I had a bootie pattern! :)

So, it has made it's way into testing phases now, and has already had some great feeback from my testers.

And, here are some pictures of the shoes created from my pattern. :)  To be released soon...
Bulky Baby Button Maryjanes!! :)

This crochet pattern will be available on my pattern site on Etsy, and can be found here.

I'm hoping to write some really fantastic patterns for bulky yarn!  I love the stuff.  This project is amazingly quick.  I can have a pair of booties in 20 minutes.  It's a great go to gift for baby showers. :)

They'll be available soon!


  1. These are adorable! Makes me want another baby girl or maybe you can create a patteren in a woman's size 8. Great job on the booties and now rest!

  2. i love your illustration! hehe