Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Field Trip.

So my oldest daughter has a field trip today.  She's 12, going on 20, and she gets up in the morning super early so that she can do all the 12 year old stuff that 12 year olds do.  This includes changing her clothes 10 or 12 times, and throwing the rejected pieces onto the floor, getting out every tube, box, container, etc. of makeup and hair products we have, and spreading them all over the bathroom, turning on her radio to whatever crap she listens to, and singing said crap at the top of her lungs.

Despite all of this...
I'm a heavy sleeper.
And I can usually manage to stay asleep for another hour after she gets up.
So this morning, while she's getting ready, I'm having the most wonderful dream!  I'm a goddess, everything is wonderful, the world is perfect, and I'm blissfully happy in the arms of my dream lover (don't tell my husband.)
And then...

Yes, my daughter has blue hair.  I'm telling you, ALL of these pictures are absolutely realistic.

She bounds into my room, and in a panicked voice says, "MOM!  I DON'T HAVE STUFF TO PUT IN MY LUNCH!!"
I'm up.  I'm awake.  My dream lover has suddenly disappeared, and I realize that my extra hour of sleep has been rudely interrupted.
Then I have to remind myself...
I could have done this last night.
I could have stopped at the store after the Middle School Band Concert that never ends.
I could have prevented this.

But... I was distracted last night by other things.  Didn't do what I knew I needed to do.
So... like any good mother would...
I went to the store, to get the poor child some chips.
And, my baby has been taken care of.  She is happily off to the zoo, lunch in hand.
And I'm ZONKED tired.

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  1. Is it bad that I look like that every time I go to the commissary, tired or not? lol love you ebeth, these illustrations are the bees knees :)