Friday, June 24, 2011

Paypal, Quicken... bookkeeping.

I'm exhausted.
I'm trying to figure out, in a very short amount of time, how to run a successful business.  I am owner, business manager, financial officer, designer, publisher, editor, public relations, marketer, trouble shooter, customer support, I am everything that is The Lovely Crow.
And it's taking over my life.  Which is fine.  I love LOVE my job.  And it's what I need to put my energy towards right now.
I'm fine with that.
But then I have nights like tonight.
When I come up against a brick wall.
And I just want to TEAR my hair out!
because Paypal is being HORRIBLE to navigate.  I'd be fine if I'd been doing the bookkeeping all along.  But NOOOO.  I had to procrastinate, and start in JUNE!
*deep breath*
It is also nights like tonight, where I MUST force myself to go to my happy place.

So here I am.
Happy Place.
And I'm going to kick Paypals ass.

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  1. you seriously are my favorite blogger! I look forward to your posts - they always make me giggle - no matter how pissed you are... I can just see your sweet spirit through your words.