Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How you can help me on Ravelry and COUPON CODE HIDDEN IN BLOG!

That's right, keep reading. :)

There IS a coupon code in this blog!!

So I've been asked by many different customers now... "How can I leave you feedback on Ravelry?"
First, I can't tell you how much I appreciate that so many people want to help promote my patterns.  That means the world to me!!
So... I'm about to show you how.

www.ravelry.com  (you can click here to go directly there.)
It's a FANTASTIC site. It's an online social community for knitters and crocheters.  It has thousands and thousands of patterns, many of the FREE!  It's my first stop when I'm looking for a new pattern, and should be yours too!!  They charge pattern designers a fair amount to list and sell their patterns (Etsy costs 4 times as much to sell.), and your purchase is available for DIRECT DOWNLOAD once payment clears.  No waiting for an email to be sent. :)   Ravelry can't be beat when you're wanting a great pattern.

So... you now have a Ravelry account.  (It's free... GET ONE!)
Now I want to direct you to my patterns on Ravelry.

Go here.   http://www.ravelry.com/designers/elizabeth-alan  (You can click here to go directly there.)

And this is what you will see.

Once there, you can browse all of my patterns... (be sure you scroll down, there are quite a few!!)

Once you've found the pattern you've bought, or... are going to buy... click on it.   I'm going to use my cowboy set pattern as an example.

I clicked on it, and now it looks like this.

There is a LOT of information on this page.  You can see my photos, and photos from other members (if they've given me permission to use their photos).

And HERE is how you can leave me feedback.
There are several ways.

Look for this part of the page.

Then, choose "Add to faves".

If this is something you want to make... then... "Add to queue". 

And the BEST way to leave me feedback, is to jump into the project and "hook it".

When you choose to "hook it", it means you're working on the project.   It will start a project in your library, and it will bring you to a page that looks like this.

Now, you can do several things...   This is how you leave me feedback.

See this square?

Yeah... that square is brilliant.  It give you, the user, a better way to give feedback than Etsy.    You're star rating, one to five stars, is how well you liked the pattern.    Be honest.  Not everyone is going to like every pattern I write.  That's okay!!   When you leave me feedback here... it gives me a better idea of what I'm doing right, and what I'm doing wrong!    Also.. difficulty rating.   From easy to hard.  Be honest here too!  This is the best way to let other buyers know whether it's  pattern they might be able to tackle.  If the majority of people say it's easy... and a newer crocheter is considering it... it gives them a good idea of how hard it might be for them to try.   Just because a pattern is "difficult" doesn't mean it's a bad pattern!  It just means that a novice crocheter might not want to tackle it.

***  Here's your coupon code!!  This one is good until the end of the year 2011.  So on January 1st, 2012, this coupon code will no longer work!!   I'm going to ask that IF you take advantage of this coupon code, that you "hook" a project... add it to faves, add it to queue...  show me that this blog is helpful. :)
This coupon code is ONLY good on Ravelry.  Be SURE that you enter your coupon code at checkout.  I WILL not refund anyone because they didn't enter the code, or because they bought on Etsy, and then found this blog.  So please don not ask.  This coupon code WILL NOT work on Etsy.
Details:  Coupon Code           QUEUED       This will get you 30% off of your purchase price.  Be SURE you enter the coupon code at checkout.

Your checkout will look like this first...  see the "use a coupon code" next to your different options for payment?  BE SURE YOU CLICK ON THAT!!!     

BE SURE YOU CLICK ON "USE A COUPON CODE"   It looks like this.   

Love my patterns?   Link this blog on your facebook status for me!  Pin me on pinterest.com.  Tell a friend.  Email a friend.   Mention one of my patterns in a forum (especially Ravelry forums).   All of these things help bring more people to my Ravelry page, and gets my patterns out there and seen!   THANK YOU to so many loyal customers who promote me often on their facebook pages and in forums!  I'm so grateful!! ****

After that... you'll want to "edit project details".

It will make your page look like this.

At that point, you can name your project, you can add the type of yarn you used, the size you made, all sorts of wonderful details!!   In your "notes", let others know what you thought of the pattern.  If you did something different, that you thought made it better,... make notes of it!   Other buyers will be able to see your notes... so be sure to write anything you might think is helpful. :)

And then... my most favoritest part of all!!!!  *cheesy smiles here*

PLEASE!  If you want to share a photo with me... do it here, on Ravelry.  (Facebook is good too!!)  Click on...  "add photos".

It's my favorite thing about what I do... getting to hear from customers and see their photos!!  So add your photos!  Show off your work!!

Thanks for reading this blog, and thanks for all the wonderful feedback I've already received from so many!!

Ebeth <3 <3